Celebration Set10 pieces in the setArticle number: 400740Celebrating Beauty since 1956. We celebrate beauty with you! Celebrate our bestsellers with us!BABOR is celebrating an anniversary! Celebrating Beauty since 1956! 65 years of beauty. For this special occasion we are creating special moments: We want to celebrate you and our hero products.


1. HY-OIL 50ml & Phytoactive Hydro Base, 30ml
2. Rose Toning, 30ml
3. Perfect Seperation Mascara (original size)
4. BABOR Collagen Booster Ampoules, 3x2ml
5. Enzyme Cleanser, 20g
6. DOCTOR BABOR Cleanf. Overnight Mask, 30ml
7. Lip Balm (original size)
8. SPA Hand Care, 30ml
9. Reversive Eye Cream, 7ml
10. Collagen Booster Cream (original size)

BABOR Celebration box 2021